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Fortune Tires

Fortune Tires is a sub-brand specializing in the research and development of sustainable and top-notch TBR, PCR, and bias tires, under Prinx Chengshan Holding Limited, one of the leading tire providers in the Chinese tire market, founded in 1976. 

In their 45 years of continuous innovation, Fortune Tires are industry pioneers who continue to formulate and revise today's industry standards.

They position themselves as the benchmark in their drive for problem-solving and innovating towards progress in tire production methods and technology.

With headquarters spread out globally, Fortune Tires has spearheaded the 1st radial tire production line in China with tires that reach the EU Class A Standard for their leads in ultra-low rolling resistance of new energy electric vehicles.

In China, the Ministry Of Industry and Information Technology rates them as the 1st batch of the Green Life Cycle Management.

Fortune Tires are practitioners of ethical and sustainable methods.

They are known as the Green factory, wherein strict surveillance and quality control of clean energy and sewage treatment, and tire cycling for innovations in retreading, to further promote their causes for environmental protection.

With a vision for individual empowerment and a mission to deliver high-quality tire solutions, Fortune Tires continues to be at the forefront of the tire industry, assuring and ensuring the highest quality of tires.

You're in luck with a Fortune tire!

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